Abuzz With Activity!

The season of activity has begun….in the garden. As for the garden wildlife there’s much to gorge on. I have been photographing this variety of red dragonfly/Neurothemis fulvia religiously year after year. The best time to actually get them to pose for you is when they’re grabbing a bite. In this case the last tasty morsel of a tiny insect had just disappeared into its mouth!

And on a Peace lily was this damselfly feasting on what looks like a small spider.

Yikes! Even the yellow lantana blooms are not spared!!!

With a few swallowtail butterflies laying eggs on my citrus plant last year, I decided to add a few more potted lemon plants. It’s such a delightful sight to see that there are seven caterpillars of the Common Mormon butterflies in various stages. This freshly-hatched baby took some time to explore the sea of green:)

One was about to go into its next instar.

It didn’t take long for this green beauty to go into the next stage. All set to pupate. The other host plant I have for the Common Mormon is the Curry leaf plant/Murraya koenigii.

The rest are still busy chomping away!!

I noticed this amazing larva of the Common Crow butterfly feeding on the fig plant. Now I can keep track of  this species too.

It turned into a pupa yesterday and the green was a shade lighter. This morning it glittered like  a jewel in the sun. This must be the most beautiful pupa in the butterfly world. There’s much to look forward to and my red friend (below) seems to agree:)


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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20 Responses to Abuzz With Activity!

  1. Susie says:

    Girl what amazing photography! Beautiful pics Kanak! I don’t know how you found all those caterpillars. Thanks for sharing these creatures with us.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hello Kanak! It’s really nice to hear from you 😀 It’s refreshing to see your garden visitors again. That red dragonfly has a set of very appealing wings. I imagine those wings to be very obvious as compared with the usual transparent types. Do they look like butterfly when they are flying around? Btw, the last photo is the best. I didn’t know they have such big lips ha ha… cute!

    • kanak7 says:

      Steph, glad you liked the pics. I’m fascinated by the wings too. All that intricate pattern. No they have faster movements than butterflies…the way they catch their prey in flight is something.

      • Stephanie says:

        Oh ok. Btw, I just realised my dashboard in my blogspot is missing your updates again (not the first time!). I have re-added to follow. I hope that the link will always be there. Have a pleasant evening.

  3. Mildred says:

    This has to be your most beautiful and interesting post ever Kanak! I am showing everyone in the family! We are just amazed by your photography.

  4. andrea says:

    Hi Kanak, this is a wonderful post, and the photos are really stunning esp the macro for the red dragonfly. I also appreciate your life stages for the butterfly except the egg and the emergence. I hope you will post it next time. I just have difficulty downloading them some just turned to Xs, maybe because of many posts in one sheet, becoming too heavy. thanks you very much, and welcome back!

    • kanak7 says:

      Andrea, lovely to read this! Thanks a ton! I didn’t get to see the eggs because I wasn’t here but I’m forever on the prowl:) As for the emergence I have not managed to click a single one till date. Last year the butterflies never emerged. The two pupas I had watched in such close detail were ‘stillborn’. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Shailaja says:

    There you are, Kanak! I’ve been waiting for an update from your garden. It looks like even a pupa can’t cocoon the caterpillar from your prying camera. Great shot, the caterpillar within is so clearly seen!

  6. lotusleaf says:

    Ha! Back in form! I liked the picture of the hairy catterpillar, though I wouldn’t go near it in real life.

  7. Randy says:


    I enjoyed all these photos! The caterpillar life stage photos were well done!

  8. Rosie says:

    Firstly thankyou so much for subscribing Kanak to my blog and like Andrea I too want to say welcome back.

    Your photos of the red dragonfly are just amazing – wow that is some lens you have to get up that close to one of them. It was great to see some of the stages of caterpillar growth and I can’t wait to see what they finally look like. We don’t have swallowtails here but I’ve seen photos of them and they are ever so beautiful but not sure what the common mormon will look like so please please can you post a photo once the time comes.

    • kanak7 says:

      Rosie, the pleasure’s mine. I should’ve done it much earlier. As for the camera I use the SONY Optical Steady Shot DSC-T500. I’ve never used extra lens. There are so many dragonflies in our locality and like i said in my post they stay still when they’ve grabbed at an insect. That’s when I can go real close and click away.

      I’m hoping to capture the ’emergence’ later. As for the pictures of the ones I’d taken last year, I’ll mail you the link. Always lovely to hear from you, Rosie.

  9. arati says:

    kanak these pictures are wonderful. sometime last year i found a pupa of a common crow (http://ringsofsilverpv.blogspot.com/2009/08/offspring-of-my-garden-friend-ii.html) and you are right, it glittered like a jewel!! do you know how long it takes for the butterfly to emerge?

    • kanak7 says:

      Thanks, Arati. I’ve read that it takes about two weeks for the butterfly to emerge. I missed it last year…it was on the same plant. I hope I’ll be able to capture it this time.

  10. Autumn Belle says:

    Your garden is full of life, Kanak. I see the dragonfly in bright orange from my screen here and it looks like a helicopter going to be launched. The damselfly doesn’t look so fragile when seen here feasting on a spider. The crytal clear pupa is the show stealer for me.

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