Looking For Wildlife….

….in the heart of the capital. Yes, I’m still in Delhi. My son was not well for a week and I’m staying back to take care of his diet (mainly). He’s all right now and is going back to college, thanks to all the care he received from my cousin Sujoy, and his wife, Ajita.

The other day I accompanied them to the Eco-park at San Martin Marg at Chanakyapuri. That’s where Sujoy plays golf and Ajita works out at the gym. I went off to see what wildlife I could capture within the park. The park has many feathered visitors as well as squirrels. It was difficult to photograph the birds so I gave up and went looking for butterflies instead.

The recent rains here brought us much relief. And the wind did its part too. See this Neem tree swaying in the wind.

A dragonfly I found on the fringe of the park. I don’t think I’ve photographed this kind before.

The same kind of beetle I’d photographed the other day. An entire generation of these beetles were merrily munching on a clump of ruellia plants.

King Crow? I’m not too sure about this butterfly’s name.

The Plain Tiger butterfly was on its back. I’d never captured them like this before.

Another orange/black beetle on a vine that grows wild all across the country. Back home we see brown ones and it’s interesting to see how vividly coloured the beetles are here in Delhi.

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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16 Responses to Looking For Wildlife….

  1. Randy says:


    Your dragonfly is in America called a Wandering Glider, in your part of the world I believe it has a different name. Very common here in the Southeastern US. I see them at traffic lights attempting to ova posit eggs on car hoods quite often, seems you are not so good at telling which is water and which is reflective paint. Called Wandering Glider because it wanders a great deal.

    • kanak7 says:

      DUH…..!I’m still in the (very slow) process of learning. But reading a comment like yours made me find out online about this dragonfly. Of course, if I had known it was a Wandering Glider it’d have been easier to google. But I didn’t know that! Anyway, I’ve found out that it’s also known as the Globe Skimmer/Pantala flavescens. Most widely distributed dragonfly on the planet…etc…etc….

  2. Mildred says:

    Hi Kanak, I hope your son is continuing to improve. What fascinating photos you have shared today. That dragonfly is amazing. I hope you and your entire family have a blessed weekend.

    • kanak7 says:

      Mildred, I’m happy to tell you that he’s doing just that! I’m liking my stay here…meeting old friends, enjoying the very different sights and sounds of a city I’m not familiar with.

      Have a great Sunday!

  3. Thank you — these are lovely!

  4. sharmila says:

    yes … it quite windy here past few days. Those red n black beetle are frequent visitor in my garden too. Good to hear that ur son is fine … hope u enjoy ur stay 🙂

    • kanak7 says:

      Sharmila, I like it here:) I’ll surely be back checking out the sights here. I’d done that several years ago when my two boys were much younger. I wasn’t blogging then. Now I see better!!!

  5. birdy says:

    Kanak, you always post some thing unusual and interesting. The king crow butterfly and orange black beetle are new species for me, Never observed them in our area.
    Nice to hear that your son is fine now.

  6. Sunita says:

    I hope your son is better now, Kanak. That must’ve been quite worrying for you. I’m glad you’re putting time there to good use. Catching up with friends is such fun!
    Is that a Common Crow butterfly? I see a lot of them here in my garden too.

    • kanak7 says:

      Sunita, I was wondering about the butterfly. It looked much bigger than the Common Crow that I often see.

      Yes, my son is better now and is attending classes. Coming here, leaving the house….it gets a bit too much! But I’m glad he’s appetite is back, and hopefully, he’ll remain this way.

  7. Rosie says:

    Hello Kanak

    Glad to hear that your son is feeling much better compared to last weekend and that you’re able to enjoy the time spent with your family. If I had been shown the first 2 photos in isolation to the rest of the post I would have said that they were taken somewhere like Ireland or North of the UK as its so green and so lush – certainly not a sight I would have expected from Dehli. Its so interesting learning about other places through blogs. Your wildlife looks fascinating and it must be so exciting to be able to find these little creatures and then take their photos. A rewarding venture indeed.

    • kanak7 says:

      Rosie, there’s plenty of greenery here. On my next visit I’d love to get lost with my camera in one of the many beautiful gardens here. February is said to be a good month for garden-hopping. There’s much to look forward to….:) In a few days I’ll be back in Guwahati but at least my son is doing fine now (touch wood). My post on Today’s Flowers is also about the blooms in a park where my cousin lives with his family.

      When I went to the park, I didn’t think I’d see so many different species of wildlife. A pleasant surprise indeed!

  8. Elu says:

    Sorry to know that Raja was not well.Wished him on his birthday and he was polite to thank.He’s a young gentleman and may he remain so always.For this the credit goes to you.
    Left a message on your blog dated Dec 14 09 (Terra Farmer) and Jan 2 10 (yaoglai).Nice to know that you are popular as a blogger too.What about articles? I suggest you have a website of your own,so that you can feature those there.
    August 29th 2010

    • kanak7 says:

      Elu…thank you so much! That’s very kind of you. And good to see you here. Yaoglai was my first blog but I really didn’t know where I was heading with it so I started Terra farmer. I’ve used some of my middles on my blogs, with a few changes here and there. About articles….I don’t think I can. Blogposts are easier;)

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