Everybody Loves The Hibiscus!

Or the hibiscus bush, I should say. There’s always some kind of activity going on on the leafy green area.

Like this green one for instance. After googling, I found out on http://.bugguide.net that it does look like a Megaloceroea recticornis.

A common visitor is (I think) the Dark Glass Blue /Zizeeria karsandra one of the Lycaenid butterflies. There are several species that look almost alike.

All that blue…

Even damselflies love to hang out here!

The chrysalis of the swallowtail butterfly takes on the colour of the leaf. I had to look twice to see whether it was a leaf or not. I haven’t included the flowers in this post as I’ve posted them several times. Deep red, double-petalled…you know how I’ve gone on and on about them….:)


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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13 Responses to Everybody Loves The Hibiscus!

  1. Mildred says:

    I have missed you Kanak. Thanks for sharing all these great photos. Amazing clarity of these little insects that you photograph. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope and pray that you and your family are getting along better by now. Love and prayers from far away, Mildred

    • kanak7 says:

      Mildred…it’s good to be back. Sometimes the ‘technical snags’ prove to such a setback:( Everyone’s fine and the construction work is still going on. Glad you liked the pictures.

  2. Autumn Belle says:

    Yes! Yes! Your hibiscus has attracted many ‘friends’. I have this hibiscus too. It attracts a lot of beautiful butterflies to my garden. Grasshoppers like to romance there and my Blastoise like to eat the spent flowers that drop to the ground. I missed you Kanak. Wishing you a great weekend ahead ;->

    • kanak7 says:

      Autumn Belle…wish you the same too! And thank you for your words…Sorry I haven’t been able to visit these past two weeks but I’ll catch up with you soon!

  3. islandgal246 says:

    My hibiscus seem to only attracts mealy bugs and I have had to dig up many. I have been lazy posting and visiting blogs lately and I apologize.

    • kanak7 says:

      Helen, for me the yellow variety of hibiscus has been attracting pests rather than these pretty winged critters. The red one, so far, has not been attacked by mealy bugs. There’s no need to apologize…that happens. I sometimes find myself thinking…this is too trivial to be posted!!! Always love to see a new post/vibrant colours from you!

      Happy gardening!

  4. lotusleaf says:

    That chrysalis is amazing. The hibiscus has many friends indeed.

  5. Natti says:

    I love the hibiscus flower. I have 5 varieties in my container garden now.

  6. andrea says:

    oh Kanak that pupa is so beautiful and completely mimicked the hibiscus leaf, nature at its best! Now maybe i will try to look for them too, as i haven’t seen swallowtails’ pupae in nature but just in culture houses. You did a splendid photography there.

  7. nice site, Like it a Lot!

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