Blooming Friday: Against The Light

Welcome to Blooming Friday. This week’s theme is Against The Light.
The first photo was taken a week ago but the other two were taken a year ago. With a theme like that, I did browse through my collection to choose what would best describe this week’s theme.

The outcome of an early morning shot facing the sun. My sponge gourd vine/Luffa cylindrica is covered in yellow blooms. This kind of gourd is a popular vegetable in our parts when tender. The mature ones are used as a sponge, hence the names–dishcloth gourd,vegetable sponge, and smooth loofah.

Dragonfly on barbed wire. I wasn’t facing the afternoon sun when I started clicking at this dragonfly but it flew away and I ended up with this shot. In retrospect I feel, I would not have caught the detail on the wings like this. Some consolation!

And last year, my potted plants had to be shifted to the terrace due to the changes that we made to the house. It was a temporary thing but I spent a lot of time there. It didn’t really matter that the plants were all clumped together irrespective of the types and the sizes. Knowing that they would not always remain there, and knowing that they would eventually find their particular spots later, was in itself, a comforting thought.

To see other Against The Light posts this Blooming Friday, please head over to Katarina’s at

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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13 Responses to Blooming Friday: Against The Light

  1. Hi Kanak, today I really really would like to swap garden with you! The first snow fell last night and it is freezing cold here right now. It is always a warming feeling to visit you lovely garden Kanak but especially lovely today. Love you dragonfly shot!


  2. I love the picture of your terrace — feels very comforting and friendly.

  3. lotusleaf says:

    The shot of the gourd flower is superb! I see that all your potted plants are healthy and weell cared for . They seem to like the terrace!

  4. Kanak, I love the buttery color of your gourd bloom all filled with light and how the yellow on the dragonfly mirrors that yellow bloom. Lovely!! What a lush container garden you have too! ;>)

  5. Madame C says:

    Beautiful plants and beautiful pictures! I really could do with some of your wonderful climate, today… Snow, ice, hard winds – nothing for a gardener:(
    Take care,
    Cesar’s Garden in Sweden

  6. Eva Linnea says:

    The dragonfly was beautiful! I wish you a nice weekend. /Eva Linnea

  7. A wonderful post again! I’ve never seen gourd flowers and didn’t know they had any!! Do all gourds, or just some kinds? How pretty, and a new piece of info for me. The dragonfly is amazing with the delicate wing detail. You have a lot of potted plants. It must take a lot of time to take care of them!

  8. AnnCharlotte says:

    Hi…i looked around in your blog and found a lot of interesting and beautiful flowers….
    Love the dragonflies wings 😉
    Have a nice weekend 😉

  9. Kanak thats a nice theme for the meme this week – and you’ve got some lovely photos here. The detail on those dragon fly wings is amazing……… I’m convinced that I would never get to weed if I was in your garden lol

    You certainly have alot of potted plants – it must take you quite awhile to keep them well watered when its not monsoon season.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  10. Randy says:


    When I saw the first photo I kenw it was a gourd, never heard of a sponge gourd. Is it like a lufa?

  11. mia says:

    What a succesful capture you got of that dragonfly, beautiful picture! To sit potted garden must be a perfect place for an afternoon tea. It looks just wonderful 🙂

  12. Katarina says:

    I love he picture of the Dragonfly! The wings are som delicate… A great shot!

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