Blooming Friday~ late by a day!

This should have been posted yesterday but my PC woes kept me from doing so. And with a theme like Visitors that our host Katarina has chosen, I have to post even if I’m late by a day!! I spend most quiet afternoons photographing my “visitors”. Of late I’ve had many skippers, dragons and damsels, the Pansy butterflies, lizards, commonly seen birds in Indian gardens, and of course, the bees. The first photo shows a Skipper on my yellow lantana.

A tree frog that jumped from a shrub

I hope you’ve enjoyed going through the photos. More Visitors can be seen at Roses And Stuff.

Have a great weekend! To all of you who stopped by/commented on my last post, thank you so much!!


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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25 Responses to Blooming Friday~ late by a day!

  1. Katarina says:

    Better late than never. The world of critters is fascinating! Great shots!

  2. mia says:

    Your treefrog, lovely, me and frogs go so well togehter. I heard they are a symbol of happiness and furtune some where, think it was in Indonesia.. At least for me, they make me happy 🙂

    • kanak7 says:

      Mia, I think this one is happy to be amidst my shrubs. Although I’d love to photograph them, I don’t see them that often. They make me happy too!:)

  3. Wonderful visitors! My favorite is the striped wing dragonfly, I’ve never seen one like it!! I’ve been wondering why you haven’t posted in awhile. I’m just back myself from the three day sick leave.

  4. lotusleaf says:

    Your second visitor is extremely beautiful. It was worth waiting for your visitors- or are they inhabitants of your garden?

    • kanak7 says:

      Padma, most of them are. The Pansies( Lemon and Peacock) live here. In the mornings, when I water my plants, they appear from beneath the foliage and fly off to another spot to catch up on their sleep/rest!

  5. One says:

    Oh! I love little critter visitors! I have not seen that dragonfly before. Very pretty.

  6. Margot says:

    Your visitors are beautiful and exciting! My favorite is the one in the second picture!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Your visitors are always so interesting to see especially the incredible dragon flies Kanak. I take it there was no weeding done in the course of this photography shoot lol

  8. The markings on that last butterfly are AMAZINGLY intricate, Kanak. Is this a Pansy?

    • kanak7 says:

      Caroline,I was looking around for another winged creature and suddenly this butterfly landed on a guava leaf. Yes, it’s a Lemon Pansy butterfly. I hope to get more pictures when my seasonal flowers bloom.

  9. wendy says:

    Your photos are always so detailed! And these are spectacular. Love the little dragonfly the very best.

    • kanak7 says:

      Thanks Wendy! I wish I’d see this dragonfly more often but the reds and the browns dominate our area. So glad you stopped by and thanks for your comment on my last post too. (Hugs)

  10. Randy Emmitt says:

    First frog I can recall seeing you post. Wow on the zebra skimmer, ok I just named it that very cool dragonfly!

    • kanak7 says:

      Randy, I wish I knew their names too but sometimes I don’t have the heart to google extensively. Glad I know its name now, thanks. I did post a photo of a frog in my early blogging days. I don’t think we’d ‘met’ then:)

  11. Greenthumb says:

    Wow! thats a lot of visitors. catching all of them must have taken some patient hard work in the Sun, but the result is every ounce worth the effort.

    • kanak7 says:

      GT, that’s right. You can make out from the first photo how hot the sun was. Only the frog picture was taken around 9 in the evening. Thanks for stopping by:)

  12. Autumn Belle says:

    There are so many visitors, it makes your garden look like a resort.

  13. Estas flors tem um colorido muito lindo!

  14. Laila says:

    What a beautiful plant! Blue is my favourite colour. I have never seen it in a garden here, perhaps it requires better climate than ours?

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