More Butterflies!

The other day, while pottering around my plants, I noticed the caterpillar of the Common Crow butterfly on the fig plant. Checking the leaves I saw there were two of them!

In May I had posted about the larva of the Common Crow butterfly. Although I had waited for the butterfly to emerge, it never did. My guess is that a spider lurking amidst the leaves must have literally sucked the life out of it. Now I’ll have to keep an eye on the ferocious-looking spider(s) as well!

Remember the picture of the Common Palmfly butterfly whose wings were clipped by a predator? I had posted it about a week ago. Well, I managed to get one with its wings intact. Although it did lead me on a near wild goose chase around this little patch in my front yard!

Although the wing was intact on one side, the other side was torn so you can see that purple I had written about. In flight that purple looks striking.


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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21 Responses to More Butterflies!

  1. lotusleaf says:

    Wonderful captures. Sometimes the territorial fight among butterflies themselves clips their wings. It usually happens with the Eggfly, which is very possessive about its territory!

  2. wendy says:

    You got some good clear close-ups, Kanak. Those caterpillars are sure to turn into pretty butterflies.
    I also was watching a cocoon that was resting on my back door, just over the doorbell (strange place). But then one day I looked and it was gone! I was so disappointed, but I guess it turned into a butterfly, just as it was supposed to do and flew away. Too bad I missed it.

    • kanak7 says:

      Wendy, capturing a butterfly emerging from the cocoon has eluded me so far. Although my plants have given me more than a fair share of caterpillars, that is a moment I’m still waiting for. I hope both of us turn to be lucky at this at some point of time!:-))

  3. andrea says:

    Hi kanak, that is a beautiful butterfly. I havent seen them here though. The larvae are beautiful too, but i personally cannot literally touch them.

  4. Enjoying your captures 🙂

    Though I’m afraid of caterpillars, I like capturing them…

  5. Stephanie says:

    Nice palmfly! Love the bronze/purple colour of its wings. Sorry for that clipped wing. Thanks for the shots 😀 Btw, I hope those caterpillar will grow to one beautiful butterfly soon.

  6. One says:

    Hi Kanak, Looks like you do have lots of little critters in your garden too. Mine comes with bugs and weeds. I wonder how your garden looks like. 🙂

    • kanak7 says:

      One, my so-called “garden” is one ribbony strip here and another ribbony strip there;) But over the years I’ve collected many varieties of plants so the pollinators keep coming. There a quite a few pictures in my old neighbourhood @ I’d be delighted if you check out some of my posts!

  7. What wonderful pictures! Nothing else like them anywhere! That caterpillar is ferocious looking! Wonder if it is poisonouss? Most things that look like that are a warning not to eat them! I hope it killed the spider from a big tummy ache, I have arachnophoboa! The butterfly, wow to the colors on it! And the bite out of the wing just enhances it, because you can see that purple underneath! Looks like she has torn her dress and her petticoat is showing!

    • kanak7 says:

      Ginny, I used to have arachnophobia too but photography has changed all that. At least i can take the pictures from a safe distance;) That caterpillar is pretty scary-looking especially with all those pointers!! i like your description of the butterfly:)

  8. birdy says:

    Wonderful captures Kanak! The caterpillar and the butterfly both are new for me. Love finding and photographing new species of butterflies.

  9. Susie says:

    I like how from a little distance the wings look ruffled on the edges.

  10. What amazing creatures, Kanak, and beautiful shots. You can see some of our British caterpillars here:

    … a mix of the furry, the striped and the colourful!

  11. joey says:

    Your persistence (wild goose chase) paid off in this great post, Kanak! Thanks and keep us posted on your butterfly farm!

  12. Sharmila says:

    Beautiful pic. …. whenever i see any caterpillar on my plant – i put it on any other wild growing plant or bush. i don’t like them to eat my veggy or flowering plant …. but Best of luck with those caterpillars !!

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