Dew On The Bamboo

Softly, slowly on two bamboo twigs,
The sweet dew nestles among the leaves.

Plants and trees have sprung to life
Yin and Yang have now combined.

The deep-set hills and confined vales,
From age to age remain unchanged.

Lines from an 11th century Chinese poem titled Dew On The Bamboo come to mind every time I see the same at this time of the year. I wake up early to catch the dew before the sun removes any trace of these early morning jewels. Our minimum is 14* Celsius and the maximum is 26*. Bliss! This must be funny for all of you from cold climes as I have been going through your posts of frost, ice, and snowstorms. But this is how our winters are. Makes us tropicals shiver and dig out our moth-balled woollens from our cupboards!! Makes us light our bonfires from the wood stored for this very purpose. It’s a time we look forward to…there’s more of meeting up with friends and everyone talks about the next do at their place because y’know now that the weather is so kind! Can’t imagine having this in the summer season…oh, don’t even remind me of the terrible heat!!!:) It’ll dip further later maybe by two degrees or so. Some of our neighbouring states have it harder. But it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends. Food tastes better (it’s easier to cook in this kind of weather) and gardens will soon look their best. No wonder it’s the time of the year that we look forward to. Very eagerly indeed!


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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9 Responses to Dew On The Bamboo

  1. Mildred says:

    Such amazing pictures. From my chair in Georgia, it is so much fun to visit the “world” through my blog friends’ photos!

  2. One says:

    How wonderful! Weather here is still scorching hot in the day time. But no complains. I like it that it rains almost daily these days because my plants are happy.

  3. My first visit to your blog. What a great tour through another climate to garden in. My mom used to live in semi-tropical south Florida, USA and grew many of the plants you show. I totally loved the “earring” post below.

  4. lotusleaf says:

    Wonderful shots. I know how you feel. Fortunately for me, my city is blessed with a cool climate 11 months in the year.Have fun!

  5. Elu says:

    We from the tropics & semi-tropics enjoy the short winter.But for those in the reverse climatic zones,they can take consolation in “If winter comes,can spring be far behind ? “.

  6. jo©o says:

    Sweet poem with those drops.
    Hold the now, will you:-), we have enough already.

  7. jo©o says:

    Make that snow.
    Sorry, I try really hard, with mistakes creep in regardless. Snowblind?

  8. The dew drops look so magical there!

  9. Oh what heat Kanak – we might have -20 C tonight brrrrrrr. That’s a lovely capture with the dew drops. My bamboo are leaning over laden with snow. We’ve now got 18 inches of the stuff. He hee – I can see snow falling from your photo too 🙂

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