Today’s Flowers#122

Welcome to Today’s Flowers! My post has several photos today because most blooms from colder climes are gone. I want you to enjoy what’s blooming in my part of the world now.

Several of my regular visitors/friends have liked the photographs that I posted from my friend’s Smita’s house on Friday. Many of you left wonderful comments. Thank you so much! The Powder Puff bloom (above) is from Smita’s garden.

On Friday, I spent some time at Smita’s place and we went around the huge area taking several photographs. The sight of the dark pink bougainvilleas are such a welcoming sight. There are several plants all along the border of the lawn but the riot of colour isn’t here yet. I think it’ll take a week or so.

Mussaenda, poinsettia, bougainvillea, and several other plants bloom right next to the porch.

The hedge separates the lawn and the driveway. Below the hedge, on both sides, there are flower beds. The farthest point as seen from this angle has the vegetable patch and a pond.

The pretty blooms of the Loquat/Eryobotrya japonica. This is a small evergreen tree native to China but naturalized in Japan,India, Pakistan, and the Mediterranean Basin. Chinese immigrants are presumed to have carried the fruit to Hawaii. Facts taken from Wiki.

Dry decoration on the porch.

From another friend’s house come these lovelies. Erica arranged these flowers for a year-end service held in her house.

And in my yard this gerbera daisy bloomed.

Another view of the not-fully-opened-as-yet bloom.

And last but not the least is the bunch of gladioli I put together when expecting friends for dinner about a week ago. Not home-grown, these were from the nearest florist.

To see more blooms from across the planet, head over to

My thanks to the TF team: Santilli-Denise-Pupo-Sandy Carlson

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great Sunday!

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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18 Responses to Today’s Flowers#122

  1. Mildred says:

    Hi Kanak, Always delightful to see your photography. Your friends’ yard has so much color! I love those powder puff blooms. Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Thank you the lovely tour in your friend´s beautiful garden. I also want to thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment…”smile”.

  3. Maia says:

    What an amazing series of gorgeous flowers, a real feast for the eye for us, having autumn/winter, right now.
    Gorgeous shots!

  4. Rose says:

    Such gorgeous blooms!

    My Flowers

  5. Indrani says:

    The gerbera is so lovely , I am waiting for mine to bloom.

  6. All such beautiful pictures!! Wow, Smita has a beautiful house!!

  7. Trudi says:

    I love to go into different gardens to wander around and admire the flowers and plantings. You have chosen a fantastic tropicals to show off their strong colours which have to compete with the hot sunlight. I am partial to gladioli. Your chosen bunch echoes the lovely colours of your beautiful china. Like the photos of the gerbera very much.

  8. Larry says:

    So many interesting blooms and so much color! Larry

  9. eileeninmd says:

    Thanks for the lovely tour of your friends garden. The flowers are all beautiful.

  10. lotusleaf says:

    The garden is a sight for sore eyes! I had never seen louquat flowers, though I have eaten the fruit in the Himalayan states.

  11. Judy says:

    Lots of beautiful flowers! My favourite, though, is the dried arrangement seen in silhoette!!

  12. Bernieh says:

    Lots of plants I know so well … but the Loquat is new to me. It has such lovely flowers. It’s nice to see the Poinsettia in bloom … mine have finished for now. The Bougainvillea always puts on a great display … shame it’s so hard to prune! Great photos.

  13. Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers…

  14. Arija says:

    Lovely collection of plants. My loquat is almost ripe.

  15. joey says:

    Thanks for sharing and I especially like the Powder Puff bloom, Kanak!

  16. SandyCarlson says:

    Your blooms are very gorgeous. Thank you for warming my day.

  17. SandyCarlson says:

    Thank you for warming my day with these beauties.

  18. Estas flores são muito bonitas de lindas cores!

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