Today’s Flowers/Bridal Orchids

Orchids on the bride’s hair. Karbi, youngest daughter of long-time family friends, made a beautiful bride! Her wedding was on the 4th of this month. I did take several shots but I had to take one of the orchids that her pretty head adorned. So beautiful…like the wearer. It’s common for brides to wear roses, and other blooms, but orchids are special! This was taken at the pre-nuptial lunch. The actual marriage ceremony was in the evening. I wish Karbi and her husband a wonderful life together.

My thanks to the TF team: Santilli, Denise, Pupo, Sandy Carlson

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Happy Holidays!


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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14 Responses to Today’s Flowers/Bridal Orchids

  1. Beautiful orchid. I wish i could grow them!!!

  2. Luna Miranda says:

    she is a lovely bride, and the orchids match her beauty.

  3. The orchids complete her beauty…

  4. Mildred says:

    What a lovely bride and such gorgeous flowers.

  5. Quiltworks says:

    Wonderful to see your beautiful flower on this snowy day!
    Such a pretty hair decoration 🙂
    Makes me feel warm and not worry that muchabout the over a foot of snow we are expecting!

  6. This bride is truly beautiful!! And that orchid perfectly suits her! This reminds me, I would like to know what you look like, how about a picture?

  7. lotusleaf says:

    The bride is even more beautiful than the orchids!

  8. guild-rez says:

    Wonderful picture!!
    Orchids and bride how beautiful is that!!
    Thank you for sharing,

  9. As flores estão presentes em todas ocasiões em nossa vidas, em momentos alegre e tristes, e você foi muito feliz em mostrar esta orquídea adornando um linda noiva! Parabéns! Quero lhe desejar um FELIZ ANO NOVO!

  10. Titania says:

    Hi Kanak, fresh flowers are such a wonderful decoration in the hair. The orchids look fabulous. A very beautiful bride.

  11. wendy says:

    I love orchids – they really are special! The bride looks absolutely beautiful and the purple orchid enhances her beauty. I wish Karbi and her husband much happiness!

  12. Beautiful picture – she certainly looks happy!
    Happy holidays to you also and thank you for commenting on m fresly pressed post a few weeks ago. I enjoyed your visit!

  13. Andrea says:

    Hi Kanak, is that Dendrobium regarded as special in that area? Here that orchid esp that color is not used because it is very common. What the brides normally use are the white Cattleya sp. But the bride in the photo is very beautiful, who deserves the best flower in her hair. Happy New Year Kanak.

  14. eden says:

    Lovely orchid and the bride is beautiful.

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