Blooming Friday-Patterns

Welcome to Blooming Friday! And the theme this week is– Patterns. Last Sunday as I lit the candles on one of our frequent bonfire nights, the play of light and shadow caught my eye. I immediately thought of  Katarina’s theme. You can see how the fire in the background and the candles created these intricate patterns.

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My thanks to Katarina for hosting this wonderful meme.


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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13 Responses to Blooming Friday-Patterns

  1. Lotusleaf says:

    What a beautiful pattern! A very professional photograph.

  2. Mildred says:

    Wow! That is an amazing photo. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a very nice weekend.

  3. Linda says:

    Ohhh they are so cute!

  4. Beautiful, Kanak. Perhaps you will write about one of your bonfire nights for us at some point . . . just a thought 🙂

  5. Wow, really nice patterns ! Beautiful ! Have a nice weekend.
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  6. Gunilla says:

    What fantastic beautiful patterns.
    thanks for sharing

    have a nice weekend

  7. Oh wow!!! This is wonderful, beautiful, a delight to the eyes!

  8. One says:

    Wow! I have not seen candles this beautiful! Great capture.

  9. Anja says:


  10. easygardener says:

    They look lovely and they must make your garden look very attractive. A good pattern choice!
    Have a good weekend.

  11. Suss says:

    Ooooh so beutiful candles. they have a beutiful colores /Suss

  12. That’s a wonderful pattern! Very elegant!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  13. Sharmila says:

    Lovely light n shadow play …. indeed it would be nice to hear about ur bonefire night !!

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