On The Banks Of The Brahmaputra

Last Sunday we were on the banks of the Brahmaputra on the outskirts of town, to celebrate a friend’s father’s 75th birthday. The river on this stretch looks calm and placid but that’s only because the swirling waters of the monsoon have dried up leaving miles and miles of sandy areas.. And that’s what makes this river, or most rivers in our region, a must-visit area for outings like this one. And that happens only during the winters.

It was nice meeting up with friends but as usual I ended up not taking people pictures. I was so busy looking around for anything unusual by way of flora and fauna. From the number of cars one might think that the place was crowded but it wasn’t. There was so much space on this private property that everyone had a great time. You can see some of the kids (below) petting a pony. The cart was also used for rides that day.

I took off on my own to see whether I could find anything interesting…

Found this near the pathway, a pretty little bloom—a stranger whose name I do not know.

Nor did I recognize this cluster of dark pink berries growing on a vine.

Here’s a closer look at the pink clusters.

Blue ageratum is commonly seen in our area but I saw some white ones in the wild. Of course the blues still ruled…

The vegetation on this part of the bank. Fir-like. Again I can’t come up with a name.

As we left, the soon-to-set sun looked liked this. Returning home I felt it was a day well spent.


About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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10 Responses to On The Banks Of The Brahmaputra

  1. One says:

    As usual, I alway enjoy seeing your photos. They are the type I would like to take. 🙂

  2. Sharmila says:

    The first pic. said it all …. u definately had a great day with such a awesome place to visit to !! Those dark pink berries … malberries looks similar but they grow on trees not vine – so don’t know !

  3. Randy Emmitt says:


    The river is so peaceful looking. Very soothing.

  4. So many people at the party, he must be a very popular man. As usual, you find the beauty wherever you go.

  5. Andrea says:

    I love that last photos, the bamboo arch so elegant.

  6. Stephanie says:

    The sand on the river looks like snow 😉 The blue sky is really a blessing for all of you who were out there.

  7. Greenthumb says:

    I have never visited this part of the country. Your photographs tell me that I have been most unfortunate till now.
    I remember a serial, ‘lohit kinare’, which was on life around Brahmaputra, i have been completely in love with the place since then. Hope I will be able to see the magnificence with my own eyes some day, till then I have your blog to satiate my yearning.

  8. jo©o says:

    Hiya kanak,
    such an interesting and beautifully illustrated post.
    What a magnificent river.
    Do you have any other pictures of it?
    How wide is it where you were and is there much trffic on it?

  9. Diana says:

    Kanak, so lovely… you must have had a wonderful day along that beautiful bank.

    The one fir-like shrub, could it be i.e. scotch broom (Cytisus…)?

  10. JKB says:

    Hey Kanak, Many Thanks for these wonderful photos ! Will really treasure them as I think my father will too. I see someone wanted to know more about the Brahmaputra.. it is the longest river in India and although it looks very calm on the surface it is very turbulent .. the approx width where Kanak took the photo will be about 1200 metres if not more.


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