Although I don’t have space to grow veggies, one strip of soil on the western part of the house is used for tomatoes. I harvest them around this time of the year.

Last year, someone asked me whether I have tried fried green tomatoes. Although we do have green tomatoes, the southern style was new to me. I looked up the recipes on the internet and enjoyed trying it out and loved the taste! You can see the picture below.

It’s interesting to see some of the butterflies who visit the plants…this photo was taken last year.

All these years my plants were completely pest-free but this year they have been infested with white flies. In order to get rid of them I used the water in which I soaked tobacco leaves. Works well on the mussaenda (another pest-welcoming plant) but about the tomatoes…not too sure. Guess I’ll have to try something stronger next year.

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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9 Responses to Harvest!

  1. Mildred says:

    Happy to learn that you tried fried green tomatoes. John has a very tiny garden this year with about ten plants. He and the neighbor are in a race to see who can grow the first tomato!

  2. One says:

    Hi! This morning, I took a photo of the same butterfly on a mussaenda plant.

    You seem to have quite a lot of harvest. So far my harvest has always been little as eventually they always seem to be suffering from pest abuse.

    I’ve recently seen a white fly being attacked by a black ant.

  3. Really interesting pictures! The sliced tomatoes are just a lovely picture. I live in the south, but have never tried any prepared this way. There is a movie of that name, though! And it was very good.

  4. Andrea says:

    Yes Kanak, i still remember your photo of a single line of tomato plants efficiently utilizing your space. Those white flies and leafminers are my problems too! Detergent cannot kill them.

  5. Chandramouli says:

    Yummy yummmm! My mom makes great chutney from unripen ‘matoes!!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    The green tomatoes are so enticing. Love to have a bit!
    Your term, pest-welcoming plant sounds cute 😉

  7. daisugi says:

    It’s a nice thing got your own harvest. Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations on your new launching Kanak! Your fried green tomatoes look delicious!

  9. Shailaja says:

    Your fried green tomatoes look very inviting! Have you seen the delightful movie called Fried Green Tomatoes (based on the book by Fannie Flagg)?

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