Glorious Lily!!

You might remember the picture of this bloom I had posted recently. Ever since I saw the blooms in someone’s garden, and later in the jungle, I wanted it. Nay, I coveted it!! Now I have  three small vines in my yard. The blooms weren’t many this year but I’m hoping that there’ll be more next year.

The bulb…see the sign of growth. I got the bulbs from a vendor in Shillong. It was December and cold. Seeds weren’t the first thing on my mind. I was looking for warm caps and socks when I saw the seed packets and bulbs on the pavement. It looked so colourful. The words Glory Lily sounded like magic. In a flash a packet of bulbs and tubers were firmly in my grip. Oh, that sense of achievement I felt standing on the pavement on a cold December morning….

Although the growth was slow, I was happy to see the first buds in March. See how the leaf curls and clings to its support.

The Glory Lily is a beautiful sight to behold. In bud, the pale green petals face downward. As the blossom matures, the petals elongate and wrinkle and gradually arch backward while sequencing through a spectrum of color from green to yellow to scarlet. The stamens are extremely prominent and spread outward in graceful curves that follow the petals in their backward progression. The flower is 3-5 in in length. Glory Lily is a twining vine that is able to climb up with tendrils formed at the tips of the leaves. Leaves are bright green and lance shaped, 2-3 in. long. The leaf tip elongates into a slender tendril that coils around nearby supports to get a grip. Source.

The first time I saw the wild blooms in the jungle, amidst the lantana, grass and other plants. That was in the month of July, during the rainy season. I had thought that mine would bloom around the same time but they decided to come much, much earlier!

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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4 Responses to Glorious Lily!!

  1. What a beautiful plant, I’m so glad you have them now!

  2. Andrea says:

    Yes Kanak, this is the most wonderful lily. I remember you posted it, and someone i forgot who, Tatyana or Charlotte or someone posted a very beautiful photo in the past. But it’s a temperate lily, so i must just content in looking at photos like yours. thanks.

  3. Shailaja says:

    Just goes to show what tender nurturing can do — it gets plants to bloom out-of-season!:) Here in Goa, too, the wild Glory Lily flowers in late July when there is a lull in the rainfall.

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