In The Pink!

Hydrangeas aren’t the easiest plants to grow in our climate. But the sight of the large “mopheads” on gardening blogs from temperate climes is temptation itself! I got this plant about three years ago from a local nursery. Nurseries are geared up with all the reinforcements for extra canopies of shade but they still do not do as well as their happier cousins in cooler places.

My blooms were then blue as you can see from the two pictures below. Last year I was tickled pink to see that the colour had changed to this shade! I’ve read all about playing with colours to get the desired shade in one’s plant. But the addition of  soil from my garden did the trick for me! Changing the colour was the last thing on my mind as I was more concerned about keeping the plant alive! If you’re interested, this wonderful site has all the details.

For most part of the year, my container sits under the shade of the Jamun (Indian blackberry) tree. But as soon as the rainy season descends, the pot tends to get nearly submerged so I move it to a safer area. This year, it’s getting a pride of place, right near the front door (partial sun in the afternoons only), so that visitors do not miss it!! For a plant that’s a little more than three years, you might be wondering why it hasn’t really taken off. Well, the constant shifting has its hazards. A healthy branch broke during the shifting process or else the plant would have looked fuller now.

Here’s how it looked nearly three years ago. I hope with a lot of TLC, my hydrangea will look as healthy again! Amen!

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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7 Responses to In The Pink!

  1. andrea says:

    Hi Kanak, i also have them here but they are just vegetative because it is very hot. But they do flower in our highlands too. It is called the pH plant because they change color depending on the hydrogen ions in the soil. So it is logical that your soil started as alkaline, then through time it became acidic, blue turns to read equals acid. hehe!

  2. Zindagi says:

    Lovely pinkies..

  3. Denise says:

    Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous!

  4. Goodness, you changed the color!!! Amazing. Well, both the pink and blue look so much better than when you first got it! We have a blue one in front of our house.

  5. islandgal246 says:

    They are difficult to grow here as well, but Kanak yours looks good. How I envy the Northern Gardeners who can grow them and they have so many species. sighhhhh……

  6. Anita says:

    Wow… I didn’t know you could change their colour. Thanks for the link. It’s a pity I can’t grow these colour changers here in Chennai. I’d love to have experimented. But my m-i-l has them growing in Bangalore and I’ll try and get her to experiment.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the pink colour. Mine will change colour hehe… Anyway, it’s a plant to wow people when in bloom. That’s a really good position for the plant. 😀

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