The Common Crepe Myrtle

In full bloom in June

Budding plant singing in the rain!

Blue-banded bee hovering over the blooms

When I thought about adding another flowering tree to my garden, the Crepe Myrtle tree was the first plant I thought about. I need to think twice about trees with all the space they tend to take up. I decided on this one because our city’s road dividers have them blooming beautifully every summer. Every year, after the blooming period is over, all the trees are heavily pruned to nearly ground level. For the major part of the cooler season they look like stumps that had been unceremoniously forgotten.

But when the first rains come, new leaves emerge and by the end of May, the dividers wear a festive look again. It’s always such a joy to see these trees blooming in pinks, mauves, and white. The red ones are not common here. Seeing that the trees are only about 5-6 feet tall, I thought I’d grow mine in a pot. I had got the cutting from my mother’s garden about three years ago. It didn’t do so well on the ground as we are prone to water logging and the Crepe Myrtle needs a well-drained soil. Till the buds came, the pot remained upstairs where I have a bit of open space. But once it started to bloom, I brought it near the front door where it gets full sun in the afternoons. It looks happy in the pot and I hope with the feeding and the pruning, it will continue to add colour to my front yard year after year, during the months of May and June.

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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5 Responses to The Common Crepe Myrtle

  1. lotusleaf says:

    It is so pretty! Pink crepe myrtle is my favourite, although even the purple one looks good.

  2. Mildred says:

    Crepe myrtles are very popular in our city and they are in full bloom currently. We just saw many on our way back from lunch. I like the lavender very much.

  3. I LOVE the crepe myrtles and have been wanting to put one in our front yard for many years! We have them in all colors here and I love taking pictures of them. They seem to be the last plants of the summer to bloom, and last a long time. But It has just turned summer here, and I see some starting to bloom already.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hello Kanak! thanks for pointing out the basil. Regarding crepe myrtle, I saw one dwarf version at one nursery that’s situated quite far away. I knew I would not be able to return if I don’t get it. I thought for a long time before leaving the place empty handed. I still think of it sometimes hehe… I should have bought it!! It will make a really wonderful specimen plant.

  5. arati says:

    lovely pictures kanak.. i dont think i’ve seen this anywhere here thoguh, we only seem to have the queen’s crepe myrtle tree – lagerstromia speciosa.
    love the picture with the blue banded bee!

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