The Indian Gooseberry


Fruits of the season. Our region abounds in sour fruit. One of the winter fruits available now is the Indian gooseberry/Phyllanthus emblica locally known as amloki. The small container in the foreground shows the flesh and the seed. The fruit is reputed to have the highest content of vitamin C of any natural occurring substances in nature.

Amla, as it is known throughout India, grows on a medium-sized tree with small feather-like leaves. It has gnarled trunks and spreading branches. The tree is common throughout the subcontinent, except in the arid regions. The flowers bloom from March-May and the fruit ripens in the cooler season.The fruit which is fleshy and acidic is made into pickles and preserves. As children I have many happy memories of picking the fruit in winter along with my cousins and siblings and relishing that very acidity with chillies and salt. I don’t think I can be that brave now.:)

Amla hair oil and shampoos are traditionally believed to nourish the hair and scalp and prevent premature greying.

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About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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12 Responses to The Indian Gooseberry

  1. ladyfi says:

    Oh, that fruit looks delicious!

  2. Arija says:

    An interesting fruit Kanak. As children we too we’re oddly starved for acidic fruit. I used to eat lemons whole.

  3. One says:

    Reading the above comment reminds me of what I used to do too. I used to eat lime when I was a child. Not anymore. Now I have to turn it into a sweet drink first before consuming.

  4. Indrani says:

    It is a life saver. Great post.

  5. Esther Garvi says:

    Wow, that looks delicious! What do they taste like?

  6. These are rather pretty, and rather delicate looking. I have never heard of them.

  7. Leovi says:

    I loved this picture. I wish you a happy night.

  8. joey says:

    Don’t have gooseberries but love gooseberry jam! How ’bout you, Kanak?

  9. · Nice photo. They taste good
    Sorry bad English

    · reagrads

    Torn Crystal & Absent Glance

  10. lotusleaf says:

    Very stylish post as always, Kanak! Amla pickle is my favourite. I am down with viral fever and so was not able to look at any of my favourite blogs.

  11. Anita says:

    Somehow I can’t get down to eating a whole amla at one go. I find it too sour for my taste buds. But since I know how good it is for me, I try and eat half at a time. Perhaps I should try out Amla pickle.

  12. islandgal246 says:

    Your gooseberries are interesting and they are just as acid as ours. We too ate them with salt and pepper as kids 🙂 I wonder if yours can grow on my island?

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