Our World Tuesday/Guava Blooms

Guava blooms

Summer’s the ‘official’ season for guavas here. And yet when they bloom, somehow they do not stand out because other fruits also vie for attention, namely the mangoes and the Indian blackberries. In other words, there’s much going on all around. The other flowering shrubs and summer bloomers take our attention away from the guavas. It’s the smell of the ripe fallen fruit, the buzzing of the bees and the other pollinators, and the birds who come to peck, the butterflies who come to feed…all announce that these sweet guavas are ready for the picking. But in winter, with the new plantings of annuals and a little weariness in most of the shrubs, the few guava blooms stand out in their white showiness. It’s strange how every winter a few blooms make their appearance, followed by a handful of fruit. But summer’s the time for that delightful deluge, of taste and the rest of the senses.

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About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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22 Responses to Our World Tuesday/Guava Blooms

  1. Mark Willis says:

    What lovely words of praise for a rather overshadowed plant, Kanak. I remember with fondness the Guava trees we had in our garden in Malaysia when I was a kid – mainly for the fruit and not the flowers though! I used to like the fruits slightly under-ripe, but dipped in salt.

  2. ladyfi says:

    I had no idea guavas had such lovely flowers!

  3. KB says:

    Beautiful. My OWT is up too.

  4. Carver says:

    They have such beautiful flowers.

  5. andrea says:

    Happy New Year Kanak! It looks like your area is dusty too, same here in the guava in front of our office in the city. I took some photos too, but forgot all about it. Our guavas growing in fallowed lands in the province are small but sweet fruits too. Once-in-a while i go there with my nephew trying to look for some fruits, however seems like the birds have the same thing in mind. It is nice there as the leaves are not dusty as in the city.

  6. Ce Aponte says:

    In France I took a picture of this flower but in yellow! I’ll post it this week! 😀

  7. Indrani says:

    Guavas not anywhere around here now.
    Beautiful capture of the flower.

  8. Luna Miranda says:

    i grew up surrounded b guavas…it’s the first tree i ever climbed as a kid, i love the fruit, too. even now, i couldn’t resist guavas when see them in the market. beautiful delicate flower.

    happy new year to you and your family. may this year will be better than the last.

  9. Martha Z says:

    It is true, I have never noticed guava blooming, only the fallen fruit.

  10. Arija says:

    A beautiful flower so like the Feijoa flower which is red.

    Thank you for your support during the year Kanak. It made a lot of difference to me to see your kind comments.

    Have a wonderful New Year with your beautiful family and equally beautiful garden.

  11. gorgeous. i’ve not not seen a guava blooms so thanks for sharing. best wishes for 2012.:)

  12. Piękny kwiat, a owocu nigdy nie jadłam. Życzę dobrego 2012 roku. Pozdrawiam.

    A beautiful flower, and fruit is never eaten. Have a good 2012. Yours.

  13. FotoAnna says:

    Such a beautiful flowers!
    New Year greetings from Holland,
    Anna 🙂

  14. Anita says:

    It’s been many years since I looked closely at a Guava flower. They are pretty indeed.

  15. Leovi says:

    I love it, beautiful flower of the guava, greetings.

  16. friko says:

    What a wonderful blog you have here. I am glad you came to visit me, thank you very much.
    Without your visit I would not have found out about you.

    Happy New Year to you.

  17. crystal says:

    What a pretty flower. Guavas sound so exoctic 🙂

  18. Lovely blossom! The stamens look a bit like fireworks!

  19. Oh I can almost smell the green and flowers in your post …sigh..and it is so cold and snowy here…thank you for sharing your world…Michelle

  20. stardust says:

    Happy New Year, Kanak! I like guava juice but never knew about the flower. Maybe a few guava don’t want to be ignored and bloom in winter? The white flowers must give freshness in rather bleak wintery landscape. May your days be filled with smiles, love, and joyful surprises throughout the year.


  21. Those flowers are stunning and when you say that they are hidden amongst the others it really gives me an idea of how lush and lovely it must be there. And also thinking abouv mangoes and guavas is making me hungry! Thank you so much for sharing. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  22. Your flowers are very beautiful. What a place. Gorgeous.

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