Flowers From A Hotel Garden

The hotel that we stayed in Amritsar, Punjab, had these pretty blooms attracting several bees and butterflies.  Moss verbena/Glandularia pulchella is a perennial herb originally from South America. The plant has lacy leaves and the flower spikes are dense. This must be one of the most attractive groundcovers.

Also in bloom were these small palm trees, maybe the dwarf variety. The palm trees were surrounded by different kinds of lantana, some of them with variegated leaves.

To see the most attractive blooms, check out Today’s Flowers. My thanks to the hosts of this wonderful meme.

About Kanak Hagjer

Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!
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6 Responses to Flowers From A Hotel Garden

  1. Beautiful flowers! I love Verbena.

    Have a great Sunday

  2. indrani says:

    Terrific capture with the butterfly! 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    Wow Kanak, i love that white butterfly. We also have that here, but i am not lucky to pin it down for a nice photo like that. And of course those purple flowers are beautiful too, but we dont have it here!…Andrea/kalantikan of

  4. Luna Miranda says:

    beautiful verbena flower—the butterfly looks like a leaf.:p
    we have this same palm tree on our street but it’s about 8 feet tall…i was just admiring the yellow flowers this afternoon when i walked my dog.

  5. I grow verbena in hanging baskets every year for the butterflies…beautiful…

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