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Today’s Flowers/Kalanchoe

It’s the time of the year when, along with the rest of the winter bloomers, kalanchoes brighten up our front-yards. The red ones are widely grown. I got these double blooming ones from a horticultural show two years ago. The … Continue reading

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Flowers From a Cemetery

Miniature roses bloom at a war cemetery in our city. This cemetery was established during World War II and is maintained ┬áby the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It is beautifully kept and despite being in the heart of the city, … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Jasmine

Last month I got a small plant from a nursery. I was told that it was a variety of jasmine from Thailand and that the mildly fragrant flower turns yellow. The above picture was taken two days ago. This morning … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Balsam

Two kinds of balsam are blooming in my garden now. The red ones were bought from a nursery whereas the purple ones are the wild variety that spring up during this season. To see more visit the home of Today’s … Continue reading

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Our World/Blooms From A Nursery

Despite the oppressive heat of May we headed towards a nursery hoping to find plants and blooms that are not the usual ones we see nearly everywhere. And we weren’t disappointed! Dwarf canna lilies in different shades, all kinds of … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Splashes Of Colour

Red salvia blooms light up the garden of a resort on the outskirts of our city. It’s always a pleasure to be there and walk about the beautifully kept grounds. Don’t miss the elephants on the wall!! Foxtail orchids that … Continue reading

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April Fragrance

It’s been raining off and on for the past week. Along with the showers some of my fragrant plants have also started to bloom. The gardenia, and two varieties of jasmine have such a heady smell that it’s a joy … Continue reading

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