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Hello from north-east India! I love to blog about all things floral and foliar and sharing the beauty of my region is what I am most passionate about!

Red Amaryllis Lilies

It was three years ago on this day that my father passed away. Was it coincidence that the red amaryllis lilies that are usually in full bloom by the fag end of March chose to open up today? On the … Continue reading


Today’s Flowers/Orchids

Recently we stopped at a wayside eatery where there were several plants for sale. Although there were several pansies, azaleas, petunias, asters, and marigolds in bloom, it was this orchid that caught my eye. To see the most beautiful blooms … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Kalanchoe

It’s the time of the year when, along with the rest of the winter bloomers, kalanchoes brighten up our front-yards. The red ones are widely grown. I got these double blooming ones from a horticultural show two years ago. The … Continue reading

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Flowers From a Cemetery

Miniature roses bloom at a war cemetery in our city. This cemetery was established during World War II and is maintained  by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It is beautifully kept and despite being in the heart of the city, … Continue reading

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After A Long While….

It’s been a while that I’ve posted on my blog. Sometimes the real world demands more attention…In between my blogging and being away from blogging, I’ve thought and fallen in love with the concept of edible gardening. I’ve spent time, … Continue reading

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Star fruit blooms for Today’s Flowers

These flowers are from a small potted star fruit plant that I have. For lack of space, I’m using a container but it seems pretty happy and has borne a handful of the sweetest fruit I have tasted. There are … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Jasmine

Last month I got a small plant from a nursery. I was told that it was a variety of jasmine from Thailand and that the mildly fragrant flower turns yellow. The above picture was taken two days ago. This morning … Continue reading

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Our World/Rainy Days Are Here Again

Just before the rains came, a lot of drama unfolded in our western sky. It made me stop as I watered my plants or brought in the washing or just looked around my plants for those winged jewels that I … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Balsam

Two kinds of balsam are blooming in my garden now. The red ones were bought from a nursery whereas the purple ones are the wild variety that spring up during this season. To see more visit the home of Today’s … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Magnolia

On our holiday last month, we visited the Rose Garden in Chandigarh. Although there were hundreds of roses in bloom, the heat was too much for us! We plonked ourselves in the shade near where the sprinklers were active at … Continue reading

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