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Today’s Flowers/Orchids

Recently we stopped at a wayside eatery where there were several plants for sale. Although there were several pansies, azaleas, petunias, asters, and marigolds in bloom, it was this orchid that caught my eye. To see the most beautiful blooms … Continue reading

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Today’s Flowers/Jasmine

Last month I got a small plant from a nursery. I was told that it was a variety of jasmine from Thailand and that the mildly fragrant flower turns yellow. The above picture was taken two days ago. This morning … Continue reading

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Our World/Rainy Days Are Here Again

Just before the rains came, a lot of drama unfolded in our western sky. It made me stop as I watered my plants or brought in the washing or just looked around my plants for those winged jewels that I … Continue reading

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Our World/Wall Art

With the response and the comments in my last post, I’m happy to share more pictures from this resort on the outskirts of our city. Not only are the gardens beautifully kept but it’s a joy to see what’s on … Continue reading

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Calathea in Full Bloom

Sometimes surprises come in March, all draped in yellow, in a little mass that makes you g-a-s-p in delight. All gardeners know about possible blooming periods but sometimes when one has Several Potted Plants, it’s hard to keep track of … Continue reading

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OWT/ Blooming Trees Of The Season

Sunday found the husband and I waking up early to head towards Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary where large clumps of ┬áSilk Cotton trees are in bloom. The drive is beautiful and these trees make it more so. The sanctuary is best … Continue reading

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Zoo Moments for Our World

Sometimes I head off to the local zoo just to watch the creatures there. On my last visit, the pale afternoon sun cast a soft glow on a scoop of pelicans resting beside the pond. A pair of small brown … Continue reading

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